Friday, March 22, 2013

spring time clean ups

spring time

It's time to cut your lawn for the first time as well as add fertilizer.
Take a  look at your lawn to see what kind of fertilizer you will want to use. If you see moss then your going to need a moss killer type fertilizer with lots of iron to get the moss killed. I also like to use the spray moss killer because it reacts quicker and the granular lasts longer in the spring rains we have. The way we do it is we mow the lawn as short as we possibly can, bagging the clippings of course, then apply the chemicals.

Also I like to use lime. There are 2 different types of lime. One starts in 30 days after application and the other takes up to 90 days to react so we mix both types in the spreader this makes the lime last much longer and sweetens the soil.

Good time to clean up flower beds and add mulch. A good mulch we get is at
If your wanting to prune  hedges, they are best pruned in mid summer as the hedge will last longer in between pruning if you prune them at this time.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

fertilizing your lawn

February and March are great times to fertilize your lawns
depending on what your lawn needs as far as fertilizers usually here in Washington you will use a moss killer, or a spring feed fertilizer with iron for killing the moss.

I like to actually use liquid iron and the granular fertilizer as the liquid reacts on contact and the granular fertilizer lasts longer which is great for all the spring rain we get.

If your lawn has allot of moss you may also need to apply lime to your lawn, this will help sweeten the soil which will slow down the growth of the moss.  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pruning your roses

When pruning roses one thing you will want to do is trim off and dead head during the growing season this helps create more flowering and keeps the beauty of the roses appearance during the year.

As for heavy pruning and thinning this will be done after the leaves start to fall off and we have had a frost or 2. ( late February or early March )

After you have winterized your roses, by adding an organic mulch to the base of the bush and up to the crown of the bush ( this is to make sure the roots are protected) make sure to pack down the mulch, you can also add straw too, you will need to follow as below.

You will want to do 2 pruning sessions one with lighter  pruning and the 2nd will be when you cut them down and thin out heavy

You will want to prune out crossing branches as well as any dead branches, prune to with in 6-8 inches of the main bush stem, not to short , just above an out ward facing bud, pointing towards the center of the rose bush this helps keep the roses from growing outward and keeps all blooming bunched up. Step back every so often and make sure your shape of the bush is how you want it.

After you have finished pruning, I like to fertilize the roses we also add a little more of the organic mulch around the roses.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter Pruning is Important!


This time of year is a Great time to prune your Deciduous trees and shrubs while the sap is all done,
this includes your fruit trees. Of course you can also prune your Evergreen trees and shrubs as well.

When pruning the trees and shrubs you want to control the diseased parts of the plants as well as direction of the growth.

At this time you will want to trim off the unwanted branches to thin the tree.
All trees and shrubs are pruned differently and with different expectations.

There are a few ways to prune the fruit trees, one way is to use the 4 types of basic pruning of the fruit tree. 1) cut the diseased branches of. 2)cut dead branches. 3) cut the deformed branches. 4) the branches that cross each other.

The reason for pruning fruit trees is not because fruit trees have to be pruned to produce fruit, because they don't. However, to make the tree have more shape (umbrella shape) and branches stronger and keep diseased branches out, we prune them.Also will make for easier picking.  This is just a basic introduction to pruning.

If you have any questions at any time, please don't hesitate to ask! has some great books on pruning

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