Friday, March 22, 2013

spring time clean ups

spring time

It's time to cut your lawn for the first time as well as add fertilizer.
Take a  look at your lawn to see what kind of fertilizer you will want to use. If you see moss then your going to need a moss killer type fertilizer with lots of iron to get the moss killed. I also like to use the spray moss killer because it reacts quicker and the granular lasts longer in the spring rains we have. The way we do it is we mow the lawn as short as we possibly can, bagging the clippings of course, then apply the chemicals.

Also I like to use lime. There are 2 different types of lime. One starts in 30 days after application and the other takes up to 90 days to react so we mix both types in the spreader this makes the lime last much longer and sweetens the soil.

Good time to clean up flower beds and add mulch. A good mulch we get is at
If your wanting to prune  hedges, they are best pruned in mid summer as the hedge will last longer in between pruning if you prune them at this time.


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